Andy, Will It Work: Stufz burger press

(WMC-TV) - ANDY, WILL IT WORK?  Stufz patty press  = WISE BUY!

The beauty of a good burger is more than just skin deep, if the device Action News 5 Chief Consumer Investigator Andy Wise is pressing can really stuff a burger.

Stufz burger patty press ($12.99) promises to stuff anything you want inside your burgers, and seal them like a pro with its patent-pending plunger.

At first, Stufz was frustrating to use.

"It's clumsy," said Seth Agranov, author of the Best Memphis Burger blog and co-founder of the Best Memphis Burger Festival. "Yeah, it's a little bit awkward."

But when Agranov took over the task in the kitchen of the Green Beetle downtown, he made magic happen.

"Alright, when you think you've got a good cavity, just open it up," he said as he mastered the art of forming the perfect cavity to make Stufz version of the Green Beetle's signature burgers: swiss cheese and mushroom for a Stufz Shroom and Swiss, bacon and bleu cheese for a Bacon Black and Tiger Blue Burger, and pineapple, slaw, and provolone for a stuffed Big Kahuna!

Each time, the Stufz sealed the toppings inside the burgers perfectly. And even after Chef Tate grilled them, the Stufz-formed burgers kept their seals.

"I mean, it sealed real nicely and held together on the grill when we were cooking it," said Chef Tate.

Even the sealed Big Kahuna burger, with its juicy pineapple and slaw.

"It definitely kept the seal and I think that is the true test," added Agranov.

Nah, the true test is how each one tasted -- and they all tasted GOOD.

It appears the Stufz burger press is a wise buy.

The trick to using Stufz is to stray from the printed instructions a little bit, using your fingers to press down inside of the plunger, rather than using its handle. That will make a deeper cavity for stuffing toppings.

"It takes a little bit of finagling, a little more manpower than the instructions say to use, but I think it works," explained Agranov.

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