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Bank teller intercepts roof repair scam

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(WMC-TV) - A Memphis woman says she is worried after a group of men tried to scam her out of thousands of dollars.

Out of fear for her safety, the victim asked not to be identified. She says she was "hoodwinked" when a man told her she needed to pay thousands for a roof repair. Now, she is sharing her story in hopes that nobody else will fall for the trick.

The East Memphis woman did not think twice when a man, identified by police as Charles Johnson, knocked on her door to tell her about a branch on her house.

"He told me it had to come down then and it was raining," she said.

According to Memphis Police Department, the woman told Johnson she would have her brother look at the damage, but Johnson said he had already started on the work.

"I told him I had to go get money and that I couldn't pay that and that I would have to go to the bank," she explained.

The victim said the teller at the bank may have saved the day by calling Memphis Police Department about the incident.

"It's something you never think will happen to you and it does," said the victim.

When police arrived at the woman's house, they found Charles Johnson, Andre Johnson, and LaShawn Johnson just a few streets away. All three men were arrested and charged with attempted theft.

The woman wants to warn others to be cautious next time there is a knock at the door.

"Know who you're dealing with, even if you think your house is going to get wet," she said.

The woman did not lose any money thanks to the vigilant bank teller.

All three suspects have bonded out of jail on attempted theft charges.

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