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Tax-free weekend for guns, ammunition, boats considered in Miss.

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(WMC-TV) – A tax-free holiday for the great outdoorsmen. Quite a few people in Mississippi are excited about the possibility. It would mean a tax-free weekend for outdoor gear like guns, ammunition, ATVs, and more.

Many people take advantage of Mississippi's tax free weekend that happens right before school starts for the year, but what about a tax free weekend for the avid outdoorsmen? State lawmakers are considering the bill that would make the holiday land in September.

It is no secret that Mississippi is full of people who love to be outdoors, but buying guns and ammunition adds up quickly.

But good news may be on the way. Lawmakers are considering a bill for a tax-free weekend for firearms, ammunition, boats, and ATVs.

"They can save 7 percent which is, you know, you could save a little over $1,000 on $15,000," said Cycle City owner Kirk Dendy.

Dendy says he sells most of his ATVs just before hunting season. If the bill passes, hunters could start racking up savings the first weekend in September.

"I try to stock up as much as I can before season starts, because once season starts everything starts becoming a little more expensive," said hunter Aaron Zepada, who thinks he could save hundreds if the state had a tax-free weekend for things like ammunition.

And in a state full of sportsmen, there is no telling how many people could reap the benefits before heading out into the woods.

After passing through committee, the bill will now go to a vote in the House of Representatives.

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