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Students unable to receive tutoring due to rapist on the loose

(WMC-TV) - Single father Sean Mackie, says he is disgusted by whoever is sexually assaulting young girls who live near Vance Middle School.

"It's a terrible thing. I mean, a grown person messing with young kids," said Mackie.

On December 3, a young girl was sexually assaulted by an unidentified man in the 600 Block of Vance Avenue while she was walking to school. Then on February 5, another teen was also sexually assaulted in the same area after school.
"All the women out here that are available for him, it's just sickening. I feel sorry for these kids 'cause I have two daughters of my own," added Mackie.

On a daily basis, the founder of Vance Avenue Youth Development Center, Barbara Nesbit, tutors and feeds more than 200 students their last meal of the day across the street from the school.

"It made me feel so awful as an adult, as a lady, and made me feel insecure over here," said Nesbit.

Nesbit says many of the children do not get the tutoring they need because they are sending them home before nightfall.

"We've had to close our doors a little early because of what's going on in our neighborhood," added Nesbit. "He's making it hard all the way around for a lot of children."

Meanwhile, Mackie says he is friends with the mother of one of the victims, and that she is extremely upset.

"I know if it was my child, I'd hunt him," said Mackie.

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