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Your Week in Pop Culture: 12 events that should replace curling at the Olympics

Curling - sport of kings or fools? (Source: MGN Online) Curling - sport of kings or fools? (Source: MGN Online)

(RNN) –The Winter Games in Sochi are winding down, and with it comes the most unexciting event in all of athletic competition – curling.

To briefly explain, curling is where players slide a weighted stone down a playing field - er ice - to its desired target. It involves graceful sliding and manic sweeping done while wearing flat shoes on ice, but is it really a sport?

You'd think sports require some physical prowess and athletic ability to be considered worthy of the Olympics. Curling's existence, while recognized by the International Olympic Committee, forces many questions. The main question being this: is curling a Winter Olympic sport just because it's on ice?

After a hearty newsroom discussion Wednesday, I have compiled a brief list of 10 things that should be Olympic sports in place of curling.

  1. Curling, if it was done on ice skates.
  2. Darts on ice skates – if it's on ESPN, it's a sport, right?
  3. Bowling – on ice skates (see No. 2).
  4. Disney on Ice – it must be so tough to ice dance while wearing a giant Mickey Mouse head, right?
  5. Competitive ice sculpture design – but you have to be barefoot while on ice.
  6. Blindfold hockey.
  7. Twerking on ice – because ice dancing needs to be spiced up a bit.
  8. Watching penguins belly slide down ice. It's adorable and fun to watch!
  9. Polar bears drinking Coca-Cola. I mean, it's an American tradition.
  10. Bartending on ice skates – everything's on ice!
  11. Ice fishing – because fishing takes some athleticism.
  12. Whatever this armadillo is doing – but on ice.

The best thing on the internet this week: 'Sesame Street Fighter' exists to take over your day

Need to relieve some stress on a Thursday? Want to do it by spelling words in a Street Fighter-style game that uses your favorite Sesame Street characters?

You'd think this wouldn't exist, but it does.

Some brilliant soul has created Sesame Street Fighter, taking the popular arcade and console game, the beloved children's series and education to a whole new level.

The object of the game: choose a player (Cookie Monster or Oscar are the best) and your opponent and battle one another by spelling the words given to throw punches. The first to the defeat their opponent in this ultimate spelling bee wins.

The best part of the game: it takes place on the sketchiest part of Sesame Street - the dangerous alley between the stoop and Mr. Hooper's store.

TV: Jimmy Fallon officially takes over 'Tonight Show'

The last week of Olympics coverage has brought the debut of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and the show's return to New York City after a more than four decade absence.

The first episode aired Monday to more than 11 million viewers, and featured a cavalcade of celebrities, Will Smith as the first guest and U2 as the first musical performance. Not to mention, The Roots still rocking it out as the show's house band and a new opening sequence directed by Spike Lee.

Fallon is bringing many of his popular Late Night sketches, including one he performed with Smith called The evolution of hip-hop dance.

If the first few episodes are any indication of the future – and, naturally, they aren't – then Fallon might have a long reign as the show's host.

Music: Spotify playlist previews what's to come at South by Southwest

Lovers of Austin, TX, rejoice – South by Southwest is just a few short weeks away.

Nothing gets my friends more excited than a music festival filled with talented acts, new performers, film debuts and fun events, and South by Southwest is one of the best American festivals for pop culture lovers seeking the complete arts and culture package.

With the festival happening from March 7-16, South by Southwest has compiled a Spotify list of some of the scheduled performers, giving fans of SXSW a taste of what's to come.

Jam of the Week: Jetta, Start A Riot 

The British pop-soul singer stands out on the SXSW playlist with her catching late-winter 2013 single from her album Feels Like Coming Home.

Movies: LEGOS dominates the February box office

The Lego Movie remained in the top spot for the second-straight week, mainly because it's hilarious.

Plus, the equally hilarious blooper reel may drive more folks to theaters just to see it.

The resurgence of the classic toys put the weekend debuts of two ‘80s remakes into the second and third spots (About Last Night and RoboCop, respectively).

Here's last weekend's Top 5, according to Box Office Mojo (listed next to previous week's ranking and weekend gross):

  1. The LEGO Movie (1) $50,015,000
  2. About Last Night (NR) $25,692,000
  3. RoboCop (NR) $21,700,000
  4. The Monuments Men (2) $15,500,000
  5. Endless Love (NR) $13,206,000

In theaters: Feb. 21

3 Days to Kill – The Secret Service's best agent has to make a tough choice – giving up his job to spend more time with his family or one last assignment where he has to capture a big target in exchange for experimental drugs that could stop him from dying. The movie stars Kevin Costner (doing his best Liam Neeson impersonation), Connie Nielsen, Amber Heard and Hailee Steinfeld.

Pompeii – A man who journeys from slave to gladiator falls in love with the famous port city of Ancient Rome to fall in love with a betrothed woman just before Mount Vesuvius erupts and destroys the city. My high school Latin teacher Mrs. Manson would be so proud that I remembered the fall of Pompeii. The film stars Emily Browning, Kit Harrington and Kiefer Sutherland.

Also in theaters: The Wind Rises, Omar, In Secret, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

A little something from YouTube: Here are all the tools to be confident with the ladies

Hey there, fella – heard you struck out with the ladies on Valentine's Day last week. Sorry about that.

Maybe you have a tough time with the ladies, and that's understandable. Women can be … complicated, to say the least.

But the comedic duo of Alex Denzen and Stuart Jenkins might have the video that best demonstrates what women want from a guy. In Confident with the Ladies, they show at the very least what women want in a guy with a goofy sense of humor.

Warning: This song will get stuck in your head. In fact, it took an armadillo prancing to Billie Jean to get unstuck from my head. You're welcome.

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