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Harbor Town 'duck dynasty' creates issues for residents

(WMC-TV) - A duck problem in a downtown community has residents of Harbor Town taking action.

"We really like the ducks because they kind of became pets of ours that live in our backyards," said Harbor Town resident Julie Binder.

Muscovy ducks in one of six Harbor Town ponds have become problematic for the community, due to a rapid breeding rate.

"I don't see any problem with ducks because they're animals. I love animals, ducks, birds cats chickens," said Carlos Thomas.

Though some residents do not mind the duck dynasty, according to the president of Harbor Town Community, Craig Cardwell, not everyone feels the same.

"We know they get in their yards and patios and eat their plants some people don't like that," said Cardwell.

Cardwell says most residents do not want to get rid of the ducks, but it looks as though the prolific Muscovy's may have to go. 

"The issue is how do we keep a manageable population," said Cardwell.

Before a decision is made, the Harbor Town Community has created duck committees to try and figure out the answers.

"I think if we continue to let them multiply we will have a problem," said Binder.

The duck committee will have to decide how many ducks are too many. If they decide to get rid of some of them they will be moved to a more rural location.

The full Harbor Town board is scheduled to take a look at all of this at their meeting next month.

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