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Bang for Your Buck: Quick ways to cut household expenses

(WMC-TV) – We're all busy and don't have much time to do much outside our routines. This Bang for Your Buck segment has five ways to bring down household expenses in 15 minutes or less, according to Consumer Reports.

1. Get power strips.

Just because you turn off your computer, TV or appliances doesn't mean they stop sucking up power. A fully shut off television and computer can burn three watts each, a printer burns about five watts and it adds up when you think of everything you have that's plugged in. You can get a power strip and shut everything off with one switch. Using power strips can save you around $50 a year. You can also keep things like Wi-Fi routers on at all times.

2. Use a shower adapter.

In some houses it can take a minute or two before your water is warm for a bath or shower and that's a huge waste of money. A shower adapter that you can buy at will slow the water to a trickle once it's warm then you pull a chain when you are ready. It could save you up to $75 a year.

3. Switch to LED bulbs, once your incandescent ones burn out.

They last longer at about 20 years and they're cheaper in the long run. They can save you about $8 per year per bulb.

4. Replace your air filters every three months.

Changing out your air filters could cut your energy bills by about $60 a year.

5. Get a smart thermostat.

They cost around $250 at It allows you to set specific temperatures for when you sleep, when you're at work and when you are at home. Manufacturers say you can save about $173 a year.

Doing all these things take 15 minutes or less and can save you nearly $400 a year in household expenses.

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