State of the Art Cars

A car that could actually help you avoid a crash? It sounds like something you might find years from now, but it could be available in the next car you buy! The new Continental Automotive Systems prototype was revealed this week. Continental put 13 advanced technologies into the car, all talking to each other, which allows the car to help drivers maintain control and avoid crashes. The company says it spent about $500,000 dollars developing the vehicle, but in the next few years, all the safety features in the car will only cost about $500. Continental spokesman Joe Gaus says, "If we can improve society, if we can make driving safer, if we can save 1/2 of those 42,000 lives with this technology - why not do it?"

Some of the cars features: If you tailgate, the accelerator pushes up against your foot! If you get taken by surprise at more than 50 miles an hour, the car responds by hitting the brakes for you. But the technology can't prevent all crashes. If one does occur, the conversation between technologies inside the car takes a matter of seconds and minimizes the impact.