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Hundreds turn out for Veronica Mars premiere


Hundreds of loyal fans turned out to watch the Lubbock debut of the "Veronica Mars" movie on Sunday afternoon at Premiere Cinemas.

The movie, which has been 10 years in the making, features the same cast from the series, which ran from 2004 to 2007.

In the series, the main character Veronica, played by Kristen Bell, is a student who goes from high school to college, all while moonlighting as a private investigator under the guidance of her detective father. The movie is set ten years in the future and features some local talent - namely, Lubbock native Amanda Noret.

"Every time I fly into Lubbock and I just look out the window, it feels so much like home," Noret said. "I just love it. I love the people. I love seeing my grandparents, they're just incredible. I have a very dear place in my heart for Lubbock."

Noret plays the role of the villain, Madison Sinclair, in both the "Veronica Mars" series and movie.

"She is the nemesis of Veronica," Noret said. "She and Veronica had a falling out early in the TV series and they just have gone head to head ever since, and she is a really fun, shameless character."

The TV show has a cult following with hardcore fans that Noret said call themselves 'marshmallows.'

"In the television show, somebody referred to her as a marshmallow," she said, "and it just took off. So the hardcore fans, they just identify themselves as marshmallows and it's so cute."

It was, in part, thanks to the fans' backing that the movie was able to be made.

"We just felt that there was more to the story," Noret said, "and Rob Thomas, the director, very brilliantly did not finish the series perfectly, so it left a lot of open doors for another show. Then Kickstarter comes in and the fans funded the movie - $5.7 million, over 91,000 backers, and then we made a movie in one month under $6 million, and it was amazing and so great to be back with the cast."

Lubbock Premiere provided an extra treat for the fans - Noret posed for photos and signed autographs for everyone who showed up. Some fans, like Melissa Caskey and her friends, were excited to be there.

"I've just been watching the seasons and I'm super excited to they finally made a movie," Caskey said. "I'm just very excited to watch it."

She and her two friends described their fascination with the series.

"Kristen Bell, I mean she's just so witty, she's kind of a smart person," Kaylee Scheffel said. "She's a little bit rude to people, but it's okay because she's awesome."

The three girls said they were very excited as they took their picture with Noret, and they clutched their autographs proudly as they left, inspired by their meeting with a local star.

"You see how far she's come and what she's done," Scheffel said, "and from Lubbock of all places! And you just think, wow, anyone can actually do it."

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