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Churches come together to offer free eye exams and glasses

(WMC-TV) - The ability to see is such a basic need, but many walk around everyday either unable to drive or read. There is no telling how many people in the Mid-South need their eyes checked, or eyeglasses with the correct formula.

On Saturday, one Mid-South church gave away hundreds of glasses.

For most of Saturday morning, there was a line of people waiting to get their eyes checked and then get a brand new pair of glasses. All for free. They sat down at tables, talked about their vision issues, at times prayed, but always got the help they needed.

"See I couldn't see the small print, but now I can see the small print," said Belinda Fitch.

Fitch's bible is small with that tiny black print and now she can read as much as she wants. That was the goal according to the pastor of Binghampton Community Church, Shun Abram.

"We can work together. Life is short. So whatever they can do and I can do to bring forth that change, especially when it comes down just to see," said Abram.

This is not just a Memphis effort, a mission group out of Missouri brought all the glasses and testing equipment with them. Oak Grove Baptist Church out of Hernando also made the trip up to Binghampton.

Seeing people like Belinda so happy with their new glasses makes the effort worth it.

"When you have a little bitty bible you can't see those little words, but now I can see the small words and that's a blessing especially reading the word," added Fitch.

A blessing for everyone who assisted in this eye opening experience.

Again, there was no cost for the services this morning and Abram told Action News 5 that they are always looking for ways to help make life better for residents in the area.

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