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Standoff over at a Snowden Terrace home; man taken into custody by police

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Carson Garrett Carson Garrett

A man was taken into custody Tuesday morning following a standoff that started Monday night at a Snowden Terrace home.

News Channel 11’s Lauren Haviland and Allie Hinds are near the scene of the early-morning standoff and are reporting that the woman and child reported to be inside the home are now out.

Johnson City Police Department Chief Mark Sirois said the man, Carson Garrett, 30, 1225 Snowden Terrace, has been taken into custody by police.

Garrett has been charged with aggravated domestic violence and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. 

Sirois said Garrett had violent felony charges out of California.

The woman, Jayna Roberts Davis, along with her 6-year-old son, were reportedly being held in the home by Garrett, Sirois said.

According to a police report, Davis left her house and went to a neighbor’s saying Garrett had put her in a headlock and chocked her three times.

Davis told the neighbor she was afraid to call police because Garrett had made threats to kill the police officers.

"The neighbor called 911 and of course we responded, and the victim went in to the home at that time and that's when the standoff ensued,"  Sirois said.

News Channel 11 spoke with Garrett earlier when he called in to the newsroom and confirmed that he and his wife had an argument Monday night.

He said a neighbor then called police and said they ordered his wife and child outside at 12:30 to have pictures taken, but said there was never a domestic dispute.

The man told News Channel 11 that there was never a problem and said the JCPD have escalated the standoff, as well as shut off power and water to the home.

He confirmed that there was also a 6-year-old child in the home.

The man said the JCPD were attempting to charge him with two search warrants – one for battery and one for felony possession of a firearm.

He told News Channel 11 that the police were trying to break down his door all because of a “fake trumped up charge.”

The man reiterated that the mistake has been “blown out of proportion.”

At the scene of the standoff, News Channel 11’s Lauren Haviland reported that there were at least 12 marked police vehicles, two SWAT trucks, a JCPD Command Center, unmarked police vehicles, as well as officers wearing full body protective armor.

Garrett was arraigned Tuesday at 1:30pm, his bond is set at 60,000 dollars.

Keep checking as updates become available.

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Johnson City Police Department personnel are currently conducting a standoff around a home on Snowden Terrace this morning, after they received a domestic disturbance call in that area Monday night.

According to authorities, a woman and a man are reported to be inside the home and it is believed that the woman was assaulted by the man. Police said they also believe there are firearms inside the home.

The Johnson City Police SWAT Team, as well as hostage negotiators have spoken with both the woman and the man, but both are refusing to leave the home and comply with police demands.

A small child is also said to be in the home with the woman and the man.

Authorities are urging people to stay away from the immediate area.

Snowden Terrace and Hughes Street are still closed to thru-traffic. Around 

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Update: 7:45 Lauren Haviland reports that negotiations are still underway over the phone between officers and the suspect. Chief Sirois says there is one other person in the home and there is probable cause to believe that the victim has been assaulted. He added this is not a hopeless situation. They hope to have it resolved soon.

Previous story:

Johnson City Police surrounded a house on Snowden Terrace Monday night after what was described as a domestic disturbance.

Snowden and Hughes Streets off Watauga Road were closed to thru-traffic.

Police said they got a domestic disturbance call from the home and also received a call about gunshots being fired in the area.

As of 11 p.m., police said no one was injured. By 1 a.m., the standoff was still underway, and a Johnson City Police bomb disposal truck along with humvees and a mobile command unit had arrived on scene.

The Johnson City Police SWAT team and police negotiators had a home surrounded.

A police dispatcher told News Channel 11 people in the area should remain in their homes until the situation was resolved.

News Channel 11's Ted Overbay is at a staging area at the corner of Watauga Road and Roweland Street waiting for police to release information.

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