Posted by: Joe Birch 11/03/04 8:04pm

Last week, a University of Memphis student was attacked on campus as she walked to her car after class. In this week's Crime Tracker, Action News Five looks at the problem of crime on all of the college campuses in Memphis beginning with auto theft.

47 vehicles were stolen from the University of Memphis in 2003, nine got swiped from CBU, six ripped-off at Rhodes, four disappeared from LeMoyne Owen. All the Memphis college campuses have security on patrol, emergency phones, cameras strategically positioned to monitor high traffic areas and a focus on safety.

"The best defense? Just tell students to be aware of surroundings. Always being alert. Always being prepared for the next place you're going, the next step you're making. I think cell phones are wonderful and they're great to have in your hand but don't let them distract you as well when you're walking from one place to another," said Carol Casey of Rhodes College.

The University of Memphis has a total of 19,000 people on campus, a population about ten times that of CBU or Rhodes. So it only makes sense that the University of Memphis has higher crime numbers.

For example, there were 166 reports of assault at the University of Memphis in 2003, 20 at LeMoyne-Owen, 15 at CBU, and four at Rhodes. Sex offenses include reports of four cases of forcible rape at the University of Memphis in 2003, two at CBU, and none at Rhodes or LeMoyne.

All the school struggle with vandals, as well as theft from motor vehicles and school buildings; and all of the college campuses in Memphis place a high value on safety. After all, CBU, Rhodes, LeMoyne-Owen, and the University of Memphis are responsible for the well being of students while they're on campus.