Andy, Will It Work? Pocket Hose Ultra

If it's not broken, don't fix it.
If it's not broken, don't fix it.

(WMC-TV) - ANDY, WILL IT WORK? Pocket Hose Ultra = DON'T BUY!

If it's not broken, don't fix it.

Don't break it, either.

Based on our test results, that's exactly what developers for Telebrands did when they "upgraded" the Pocket Hose to the Pocket Hose Ultra.

In response to an untold number of complaints nationwide, developers designed the Pocket Hose Ultra to be "three times stronger" than the original -- with a sunscreen hose and "amber tip" connectors that can withstand 300 pounds of force.

Oct. 2013, we tested the original Pocket Hose with the Memphis Fire Department's Station 26 in Frayser. It worked amazingly - a real Wise Buy -- and the firefighters still enjoy its expandable, shrinkable, no-kink-or-leak performance some six months later.

With the same team of firefighters, we tested the 300-lbs-of-force claim on the Pocket Hose Ultra's "amber tip" connectors and nozzle. Sure enough, they held up.

But so did the nozzle and connectors on our original Pocket Hose.

The Pocket Hose Ultra's faucet connector attached without leaks. The hose expanded as well as the original.

But it was anemic in shrinking back to a manageable size. It also failed to produce as much water pressure as the original Pocket Hose.

That's when we noticed a rubber o-ring protruding from the Pocket Hose Ultra's spray nozzle. It kept popping out, slipping its seal.

"What it does is it's letting water ... it's seeping out that ball valve," said Station 26's Lt. Pete Crawford.

If you're thinking the force test caused the protruding o-ring, you're wrong. We conducted the force test after we discovered the slipping o-ring.

That never happened with the original Pocket Hose. We still recommend it as a Wise Buy.

I have received complaints from viewers who've had problems with their original Pocket Hoses, much like the nationwide complaints that prompted the Pocket Hose Ultra.

My experience is most of the consumers complaining are leaving their Pocket Hoses out in the elements, exposing them to long-term sunlight or weather.

That defeats the purpose of the Pocket Hose.

Remember, it shrinks back to its hand-held size for a reason: to store it in your garage, shed, utility closet, etc. It's designed to be kept out of the elements when not in use.

As long as the original Pocket Hose is used as it was designed to be use, it should last a long time.

Ask the guys at Station 26. Their original Pocket Hose is six months old and still going strong.

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