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Budget proposal gives police short end of stick

(WMC-TV) - WMC Action News 5 has sorted through the Memphis mayor's 428-page budget proposal for next year and our investigators have uncovered that the government wants to increase funding for some city salaries, but not for others.

The mayor's administration and fire department will see increases in positions and salary funds, but the police administration will see a cut in salary funds and police positions.

While the mayor is proposing increases in salary funding for his administration and the fire department, the police division is not faring as well.

The mayor foretold his plan just minutes before he publicly released his 2015 budget proposal on Tuesday.

The budget calls for 236 fewer positions in the police department. The budget to operate Director Toney Armstrong's administrative office would also drop by nearly $6 million and funding for police administration salaries would drop by nearly $1 million.

Worth noting: Every unit in the police rank and file would see increases in salary funding, except Investigative Services.

The mayor, on the other hand, would add five positions to his executive office, increase his office's operating budget by about a half million bucks and increase executive office salary funding by more than $400,000.

The fire department would get 47 more positions, their administrative budget would increase by nearly three quarters of a million dollars and funding for administrative salaries would increase by nearly $300,000.

The mayor has a plan to civilianize the police department, which would take sworn officers off administrative duties and put civilians in heir place.

The Memphis City Council has until June 30 to approve the budget.

Click here to view the budget proposal.

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