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Chemicals, oils made manufacturer fire difficult to fight in Southbury

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Several fire departments responded to a large fire at a Southbury factory.

Crews were called to the building at 1200 Main St. early Friday morning to find smoke and flames.

The building houses Romatic Manufacturing and the fire left many of its workers to wonder what was next.

"When I came down Main Street I saw smoke billowing out of the building," said Ed Eazarsky, an employee.

The company makes caps for cosmetic products and cold creams, so the chemicals, oils, plastics and cardboards made the fire difficult for firefighters to battle.

"There is a heavy fire load, there's oils, all kinds of chemicals in the building," said Chief Rick Lyle of the Southbury Fire Department.

Firefighters said they received an automatic call around 5 a.m. Departments from three towns responded.

They believe the fire started in the center of the building, in a storage area.

Employees told Eyewitness News that the last shift to leave the building was at 2 a.m. They said it did not appear that anyone was there when the blaze broke out. Firefighters later confirmed that no one was inside.

For Holly Pascoe, Romatic was not just a job, it was a family. It's been in town since 1960.

"I was scared," she said. "My brother works there, my father works there."

Fire officials said damage was done to products, machines and the building itself. One of the building's support beams was also damaged, so firefighters said the building would be off limits.

"There is damage to everything," Lyle said. "One of the main structural beams, it's compromised. It pushed the masonry out. Right now it's unsafe."

That means the dozens of workers employed there do not know when they'll be able to return.

"I'm worried about when we'll be able to get back to work," Eazarsky said.

The cause is under investigation.

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