First Swing Golf Clinic helps participants overcome obstacles

CFI Prosthetics and Baptist Rehabilitation Germantown host First Swing Golf Clinic
The day of fun and learning was provided at no charge.
The day of fun and learning was provided at no charge.
(WMC) - Golf is a challenging game. Today a group of people with some unique physical challenges were invited to overcome their obstacles at a sport some might have said they would never play.   
It looks like an average day on the links for Mike Tindall, Jorge Gutierrez and Doneisha Seals. But these golfers are extra special. 

They are all amputees.  

"Like me a lot of these people that came out today they just want to do something they want to play.  They want to play they want to do something," said Tindall.

CFI Prosthetics and Baptist Rehabilitation Germantown teamed up to host the First Swing Golf Clinic, at no charge to the participants.    

"This has been such a great event its been so inspiring to hear the different stories of all the participants today that's been the best part for me is just to hear the stories and to see the inspiration," said Rebecca Derousse of Baptist Rehab Germantown.  

Jorge Gutierrez might have a future on the course. He hits long and straight; the envy of every pro.   

Organizers hope it sends the message that with a little bit of drive, you can do just about anything.

"Great anticipation for the event but once getting out here and seeing nothing but smiles it's been a really remarkable experience," said Ted Snell.

Players who survived a stroke and traumatic brain injury were also signed up today. Training and instruction was provided by the National Amputee Golf Association certified instructor, Don Zommer. 
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