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MPD: Man steals from mother of St. Jude cancer patient

Source: Shelby County Jail Source: Shelby County Jail

(WMC) – A Memphis man reportedly stole items worth hundreds of dollars from an Illinois woman who was in town so her child could be treated for cancer at St. Jude.

Anthony Lee Gaines, 48, is charged with theft of property between $500 and $1,000 and aggravated burglary.

Memphis police were called to the St. Jude Target House on 101 North McLean on the evening of April 9. A man posing as a Target House maintenance worker knocked on the woman's door.

Police say after the woman let him in, the man went from room to room searching for leaks. He then asked the woman to go double check one of the rooms. While she was away, he slipped into her bedroom. When she came back, she found him standing by her wallet and accused him of taking her property.

He protested and told her to speak with his supervisor, however, when the elevator door opened on the first floor, the man took off running.

According to police report, the woman screamed so loudly that Target House security came running toward her but was not able to catch the man.

Police say Gaines got away with the woman's wallet, her debit/credit cards, insurance cards, a gift card, her Illinois license, and about $300 in cash.

Part of the incident was captured on surveillance video. Investigators say Gaines is the person in the video and that the woman identified him in a photo line-up. He is not a maintenance man for Target House.

Gaines has a long arrest record in Shelby County. He is currently locked up at 201 Poplar on $50,000 bond. He is due in court on Wednesday morning.

When WMC Action News 5 stopped by Gaines listed address, a neighbor said he did not live there.

St. Jude says MPD is still investigating the theft. The hospital said, "The well being of all patients and families continue to be top priorities at St. Jude."

People who heard about the incident cannot believe someone would target a person who already has so much on her shoulders.

"They need our prayers," said Edwardos Brittenum. "They need all the help they can get."

"They got their own problems already and having someone taking more from them when they can already, they have the potential to lose something there already..." agreed DeAngelo Williams. "That's really tragic."

"And I think that's a black eye for everybody around the country that knows Memphis to be a great place, a city of life, a city that helps," added Brittenum. "And I think that's just totally wrong."

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