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New garlic spray helps fight mosquitoes

(WMC) - It is summer, and that means you need to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Exterminators say there are ways you can fight back, and that includes a new product that uses garlic to battle the pesky creatures.

Preston Warford of Terminix said his company is debuting a new spray in the fight against mosquitoes, and it's getting good results.

"We've seen with this product [that] it's proven to reduce mosquitoes populations after two weeks up to 90 percent," he said.

Terminix company officials call this new mosquito fighter "garlic bait" because the key ingredient is garlic. For a long time people got rid of mosquitoes by spraying some kind of repellant. Terminix's product is different in that it actually lures mosquitoes in, and exterminators say once lured in -- mosquitoes are no match for it.

Warford explained that when mosquitoes bite your skin and suck your blood, the bites can sometimes also cause health problems.

"Mosquitoes carry blood borne pathogens, West Nile and some other things that can be harmful to humans," he said.

In fact, on Tuesday, the second case of West Nile virus was reported in Mississippi.

Warford said that while this new product is bad for mosquitoes, it's not bad for the environment.

"Its also natural there's no harmful chemicals or pesticides inside the product," he said. "The garlic ... the mosquitoes actually ingest the product, and it kills them that way."

Did you know that if you drink beer, mosquitoes might be more drawn to you. Same thing happens if you are pregnant or wearing dark clothing. For more information about what draws in mosquitoes and some tips to keep them away, click here:

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