Donna Davis Reports takes us to a not so typical Sunday church service

Gangsta Rap Catapulted Memphis bred Three-Six Mafia to the top of the rap music game; but for group member Delmar Lawrence aka Mr. Del , something was missing. "The lifestyle that I was leading when I was with the group; it wasn't lining up with my heart. Even while I was in the group, I was asked to come to schools and speak to kids about positive things, but I wasn't rapping about positive things." "But I want you to keep your eye on Jesus. Where all my warriors? Bounce, Bounce." These days, you can find Mr. Del promoting Holy Hip Hop at his City of Refuge church in Memphis . Though parishioners dance with the enthusiasm of the Saturday night club crowd. The music is not about sex, drugs or violence. It's about praise. "A hip hop church, something totally new, but the more and more God was dealing with me; the more and more traveling I was doing, I saw that it was something that young people needed. It was their own identity and their own church to be free from religion and tradition." "You said." Besides freestyle dancing; there is prayer and a sermon. Pastor Del says it's his mission. "That mission is to bring a new order as far as hip hop, and to present it with Jesus. To use hip hop as a bait to win souls to Christ, and Christ is the nucleus of it all. But it's still hip hop." Mr. Del has also produced five Holy Hip Hop albums since opening his church. If you would like to check out the City of Refuge , services are every Sunday at three o'clock at Grace Celebration Church on Trinity in Cordova.