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Storms cause damage


High winds during a torrential downpour Monday evening knocked a big tree limb fell on top of a house in the 1400 block of 10th Avenue in Albany.

Part of it ended up on a chair in a bedroom. The tree surgeon who came to take care of it says that shows why you need to take cover when bad weather strikes.

Lee Harper of Harper Tree Service said, "Just had an oak tree with a lot of weight on one side of it. There's really nothing you could do. The tree was healthy. We advise everybody when there's a storm coming through, get on the side of the house that there is no trees on. That is the safest side of the house in any storm."


Albany Police blocked off part of 13th Avenue near Palmyra Road after a limb fell and knocked power lines down across the street. Water Gas and Light crews showed up quickly to fix the problem.

A couple of trees also fell behind a nearby business.

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