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Demetrius Morgan found not guilty on murder charge, guilty on others in Jerrick Jackson trial

Demetrius Morgan Demetrius Morgan

A jury has found the man accused of robbing and killing the brother of a prominent metro Atlanta pastor guilty on all charges, except murder.

Prosecutors say Demetrius Morgan and four others stormed into Jerrick Jackson's home, robbed him and shot him four times in 2012.

On Tuesday, a Fulton County Sheriff deputy instructed Demetrius Morgan, 18, to raise his right hand and take an oath as he prepared to testify.

"You swear or confirm the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" the deputy asked Morgan.

"Yes sir, I do," replied Morgan.

Morgan swore he would tell the truth when he testified. But according to the prosecutor Gabe Banks, Morgan got on the witness stand and told jurors lies just as he told Atlanta detectives.

"So you lied all those times now you want this jury to believe you are telling the truth," said Banks. "It's that what you are telling us?"

"Yes sir," Morgan said.

Morgan is the only witness his attorney put on the stand in his defense. He's accused along with four others of robbing and killing 47-year-old Jerrick Jackson. Jackson is the brother of Wiley Jackson, a popular DeKalb County minister.

Morgan admitted when he initially spoke with investigators he lied to them several times about his involvement in the crime.

"I was scared for my life. I thought I was going to get charged for something I didn't do," said Morgan.

Morgan final admitted that he drove the stolen car that all five teenagers rode in when they allegedly ambushed Jackson and his fiancee.

Morgan said he stayed in the car when the other guys, armed with guns, jumped out. He told jurors he didn't know they were going to rob the couple. They referred to the robbery as a lick.

"So everybody else knows about the lick other than the driver?" asked Banks.

"I guess," Morgan answered.

Alejandro Pitts entered a guilty plea before Morgan's trial started. He testified on Monday and said Morgan knew, along with everyone else in the car, what they were about to do.

Pitts also told jurors he and Morgan belong to the same gang, but Morgan denied that.

"So Alex just making that up?" asked Banks.

"He could be saying anything," said Morgan.

"Is he making it up? So he's lying on you?" Banks asked.

"Yes sir," Morgan replied.

Morgan said the only thing he is guilty of is using one of the victim's ATM cards and getting money out of her bank account.

"I feel like I didn't commit no crime other than the card and I didn't really do nothing," said Morgan.

Jury deliberations started around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Sentencing for Morgan will be Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

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