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South Georgians remember the Flood of 1994

Judy Bowles, Executive Director of Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful Judy Bowles, Executive Director of Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful
Don Minshew, Volunteer Don Minshew, Volunteer

South Georgians who survived the Flood of 1994 look back and remember how people came together to help a region recover 20 years ago.     

The Radium Springs Neighborhood Association hosted a get together for people to share memories of the disaster that devastated their community. The Flood of 1994 destroyed thousands of homes and businesses and killed more than 30 people.  Volunteers from around the country helped many neighborhoods recover.  

Radium Springs was one of the hardest hit areas during the flood of 1994, but it looks a lot different now...thanks to volunteers who took action to clean it up.  

"I oversaw 33 thousand volunteers that came in a five week period," said Judy Bowles with Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful.  

Bowles put together a PSA asking for volunteers and flood victims to contact Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful for help.  

"The first morning that we had went in after that had run for a day, there were 182 phone calls," said Bowles.  

Volunteers from around the country worked in contaminated conditions...gutting homes throughout the area.  

"You have to have thick gloves on your hand, a mask for your face because the stench is really bad and you have to have a tetanus shot, and they still came," said Bowles.  

Several people brought newspaper clippings and photos to the meeting and shared their memories of the flood. Don Minshew took the initiative to feed hundreds of flood victims at Radium Springs Baptist Church.  

"I was a supply sergeant you might say," said Don Minshew. "I got stuff in and I distributed it out."  

He says he was one of the lucky ones.

"I figured we should help since we didn't get flooded," said Minshew.  

Bowles says she and many other volunteers worked long hours to help flood victims.  

"That's what we're suppose to do as human beings is help each other and the outpouring of help was awesome," said Bowles.  

Bowles says although the flood was a painful experience, it helped to bring the community together.       

The famous Radium Springs Casino that used to be where the Botanical Garden is now was flooded. It was demolished in 2003.

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