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Grizzlies Draft Preview: Something Else Entirely

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(WMC-TV) - The draft profiles are a combination of players the Grizzlies have been linked to either through workouts, rumors, or "experts" mock drafts.

The reality is, very few people have any idea what's actually going to happen in a couple of hours. Professional draft blueprints are not only closely guarded secrets, but also very fluid. Trades and trade discussions are rampant, and final decisions are usually a last-minute event.

All we can do is look at the roster, take an educated guess at what kind of player would fit with the team, and hope the Grizzlies draft someone who can help the team win a championship - the ultimate goal.

There are some players who do not have profiles that could be on the Grizzlies radar. James Young, a shooting guard from Kentucky has been a name projected to Memphis. UConn point guard Shabazz Napier worked out with the team and impressed, and Syracuse point guard Tyler Ennis is a name floated by interim GM Chris Wallace.

There are some players who didn't work out for the Grizzlies that were mentioned, guys like Rodney Hood and T. J. Warren. Wallace mentioned Hood in an interview with WMC Action News 5, but Warren's inclusion is purely conjecture. Three of the six NBA mock drafts used in these previews projected Warren to Memphis, even though he never worked out for the team.

Scouting players and scouting the draft are both inexact sciences, but the fun in being a sports fan comes from hoping the player you pick will put your team over the top. He doesn't even have to be a big name. Kawhi Leonard wasn't a lottery pick, and he just won NBA Finals MVP.

In a couple of hours we'll find out who the Grizzlies take at 22 and welcome him to our city. Or they'll trade the pick and take someone else. Or not. Who knows?

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