Donna Davis takes us to the ballet

Teaching ballet to these South Memphis youngsters is a dream come true for ballerina Chauniece Connor. Her organization, Ballet on Wheels has launched an eight week program called "Opening the Doors to Dance." It exposes underprivileged children to the art of ballet. "And it's just important. Some of them will like it. Some of them will say, you know what; I enjoyed the eight week program, but I'm gonna try cheerleading or band. The exposure will take you a lifetime, and I think that's important." However for now, the kids are having a ball. "Cause it's fun. And I love to do it all the time. And I love my teacher," said ballet student Christopher Dennis. "Because it was something new for me, and it was kind of exciting," said ballet student Maketa Polite. Ballet has allowed Connor to travel throughout the country. It's given her something more important which is discipline. She hopes to pass it to her students. "I always tell them its never personal, but I'm gonna be serious about the things that we do, and I still see these things that I learned from Carlton at work, and the things I do at church. It's the order that I think dance instills." This is the opportunity for these young people to dance through doors. This was the first eight week "Opening the Doors to Dance" program. Ballet on Wheels hopes to take it to other communities and other students in the future.