One resident injured, another missing from assisted living facility

One resident injured, other missing from home for elderly
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
Norma Jackson, who is hearing impaired, is now hospitalized. (Photo Source: Family)
Norma Jackson, who is hearing impaired, is now hospitalized. (Photo Source: Family)
Charles Littrell is missing. (Photo Source: MPD)
Charles Littrell is missing. (Photo Source: MPD)

(WMC) - A Memphis assisted living facility is under scrutiny for two incidents that happened within two days involving residents.

One of the residents remains missing; the other is hospitalized.

The Pendleton House of Love owner claims she can't tie residents up, and the state agency that oversees her care home seems to concur.

But Monique Stephens is convinced the Pendleton House of Love does not live up to its' name.

"Something's not right there," she said. "I want everyone to know this place is unsafe for the elderly."

Her aunt, Norma Jackson, who is hearing impaired, is now hospitalized days after walking away from the facility.

"She could have fallen in the middle of the street, got ran over," said Stephens. "Someone could have robbed her, someone could have raped her."

Or, she says, her aunt could be missing like 76-year-old Charles Littrell, for whom Memphis Police Department issued a City Watch Alert. He left the House of Love on Tuesday morning and hasn't been seen since.

"He just decided that he wanted to walk off," said Shirley DeBerry, who opened the facility nearly 30 years ago.

She opened her doors to WMC Action News 5 to prove she had nothing to hide when it comes to the welfare of the facility's 25 residents.

When asked if residents are supposed to leave the premises, DeBerry said, "If he or she is able to go, we can't restrain them."

She says an exterior gate is locked at night, and security cameras keep an eye on the inside.

Additionally, a Tennessee Department of Health spokesman reports, "The last investigation of the facility by our staff was in February of this year, and no deficiencies were cited, because it is a home for the aged, all residents are required to be ambulatory."

Stephens says her family plans to file a complaint with the state.

In the meantime, call Memphis police at 901-545-2677 if you've seen Littrell. They say he suffers from dementia.

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