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What to do if you see a child in a hot car


Leaving a child, pet or senior citizen in a hot vehicle for an extended period of time can be deadly.

"It can be very dangerous because it runs the possibility of a heat related type of injury, most likely some sort of heat stroke or heat exhaustion because of the constant exposure," said Captain Eric Jackson with the DeKalb County Fire Dept.

Jackson said getting a person or pet out of a hot vehicle as quickly as possible is paramount, but breaking glass is not as easy as it seems if you don't know what you are doing.

"If you use this rounded edge of a tire iron and hit the corner of the window, the weakest point of the window, you can shatter the glass. Then use the same device to clear out the window so you don't cut yourself. Open the door and go in and retrieve the child," Jackson said.

Jackson also said it is important to break the glass on the opposite side that the victim is on to prevent the victim from getting hurt by the shattered glass. But ultimately the goal is to prevent people from leaving loved ones or pets in a hot vehicle.

"You don't go into the store, or go shopping or go get your hair done and leave your child in the car," said Jackson.

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