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SUPERINTENDENTS WEEK: Milton Kuykendall with DeSoto County Schools talks about school year

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

(WMC) – WMC Action News 5 Superintendents Week talked with Milton Kuykendall, who is the superintendent of the largest school district in Mississippi, DeSoto County Schools.

He revealed details on how the district is handling classroom overcrowding.

"We're trying to get 25 classrooms at Southaven High School completed. They were extremely overcrowded. This will take some of the overcrowding situation away. So we've got that going, and I think if we get that completed I think everything'll be in great shape," Kuykendall said.

He expects that the classrooms will be ready when students return to school on August 7. Kuykendall also talked about how the district is preparing students to earn a living.

"Eighty percent of the jobs in America do not require a college degree, but we all try to put our kids in college prep. We put a technology center in Olive Branch about two years ago. It's been very successful, and we're building one at Horn Lake now. We're getting that together. My goal is to open it next August. And we want children to learn how to earn a living," he explained.

The district has also began an effort to give technology to each student, and it started with laptops for teachers.

"Teachers will need a lot of technology and training to operate the laptop and then they can train the students the next year. Then we'll do middle school, then we'll do elementary school. You know we're doing all of this, it's very expensive. We're doing all of this without raising taxes. We gave teachers a pay raise last year without raising taxes. As I said we're completing 25 classrooms at Southaven High. And we're very proud that. We've been able to manage our money without raising taxes and still accomplish these things," said Kuykendall.

This year will be Kuykendall's third term as superintendent, and he explained his goal for the year.

"Our big goal is we want to make sure we prepare our students. When they leave DeSoto County Schools we want them prepared for college, the workplace. We want them prepared for the future. Because as I said earlier 80 percent of the jobs in America do not require a college degree. But we have to prepare our kids technology wise. Every decision they make will be technology driven. And just knowing English, just knowing math, just knowing social studies, just knowing the subject matter is not enough. We have to have that technology connection."

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