Billboard: Friends don't let friends muffin top

Billboard: Friends don't let friends muffin top
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(WMC) - A plastic surgery center in Michigan is getting attention across the country for a billboard promoting its work.

Some call the advertisement funny, while others say it's insensitive.

They put up a billboard that is now defaced with graffiti. The ad says, "Friends don't let friends muffin top." It shows a muffin that has been baked in molds that look like jeans.

Muffin top is a catch phrase for that part of your stomach that spills over your pants.

The graffiti artists have crossed it out and sprayed "you're beautiful" over it.

Thousands of people have gone to the Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery's Facebook page to complain or urge those upset to take a joke.

Regardless of the opinions, the billboard is priceless attention leading the center to release this statement on its Facebook page, saying:

"The decision to have plastic surgery is a highly personal one. Our patients run the gamut from young women whose breasts are so asymmetric they have never worn a bathing suit to elderly patients who have lost part of their facial structure to cancer. Our ads were meant to emphasize the lighter side of plastic surgery, and were certainly not targeted at one particular group or body composition."

Just months ago the plastic surgery center had to defend another controversial billboard. That one, which was removed, displayed two different-sized coffee cups, the smaller one labeled "B" and the large one "D." The ad's slogan read "Size matters."

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