Back-to-school bus problems; Ebola warning

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There were back-to-school bus problems throughout Shelby County today. Jason Miles gets a response from the schools and the bus service tonight at 10. He also shows you the tearful reunion between a 7-year-old and her father after she got lost in the system.

A man injured in a fight with a security guard that worked at MATA has died. Janice Broach talks with the victim's friend and investigates if charges will be upgraded.

Meteorologist Ron Childers has a look at a hot back-to-school forecast.

Sasha Jones talks to a Mid-South group working to allay some fears about the Ebola virus.

While today was the first day back for thousands of students in the Mid-South, the WMC Action News 5 Investigators started doing their homework weeks ago. They did so by studying the reports school districts make on safety and security. Anna Marie Hartman reveals what she uncovered at 10.

The Memphis Tigers are back on the gridiron for the 2014 season. Jarvis Greer has your first look coming up in Sports.

We hope you will join us for the latest news, weather, and sports at 10.

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