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Back-to-school jitters could become anxiety for young students

(Source: MGN Online) (Source: MGN Online)
CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Starting a new school year can be fun, exciting, and even overwhelming for students in pre-school through grade eight.

Professor of early childhood education at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Chrisite McIntyre says it's not uncommon that students starting a new school year become stressed.

“Going back to school is one of those opportunities that because we've been to school for 12, 13, 16 plus years, we assume our children know what to expect and they don't," McIntyre said. "This is a brand new environment and even if they're just going back the second or third year they can be anxious.”

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety is one of the most common reasons that children don't want to go to school.

McIntyre says there are several signs that your children are becoming overwhelmed at the start of a school year. Those signs could include complaints of stomach or headaches, being clingy, trouble sleeping, eating too much or too little, and avoiding other kids.

Akiyo Matsumoto, a mother from Carbondale, says the summer is too long and that her kids are excited to go back.

“They feel a little bit of anxiety, but I think excitement is more than anxiety," Matsumoto said.  "And I think a little bit too tired of [the] long summer.”

McIntyre says if your child experiences anxiety symptoms for longer than two weeks, that you should consider having a conversation with them.

If the problem persists, talking to your child's teacher or school counselor may be a way to find a solution, McIntyre said.

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