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8-year-old nearly dies from wasp sting

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(WMC) - A near-death experience altered one Lakeland mother's back-to-school routine when her daughter nearly died from a wasp sting.

Ann Turner's 8-year-old daughter was stung in June, and a severe reaction forced the family to take her to the emergency room, where it was discovered she was anaphylactic.

Now, the family is taking extra precautions.

It was a moment of panic for Turner when her daughter, Amerie, was stung while playing in the backyard. Amerie had been stung before, but this time, the reaction she had to the sting was severe.

"She immediately got a rash, her face started swelling up," Turner said. "And it was something we had never seen."

Within minutes of heading to the hospital, her daughter started getting worse. They called an ambulance. 

"The ER doctor told us if we wouldn't have stopped to have an ambulance take her, she probably wouldn't have made it down there," Turner explained.

After spending hours in the emergency room, Amerie spent days recovering. For the first time, Turner found out that her daughter is allergic to wasps.

Turner now knows what to do, and so does Amerie.

"She knows that if she gets stung to go to an adult and tell them she was stung and that she might need her EpiPen," Turner said.

The family now keeps an EpiPen with them everywhere they go. They're going to take one to Amerie's school, too.

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