A Better Mid-South: Help a student out

A Better Mid-South: Help a student out

Editorial by Tracey Rogers, Action News 5 general manager:

(WMC) - I was shocked to hear Shelby County Schools is reporting more than 10,000 students have not yet shown up for school this year.

This has been a problem in the past, but I had no idea the number was this large.

Some of these students are not in school yet because they have outgrown their clothes and can't afford to replace them.

In some cases, these children are wearing flip flops, because they can't fit in their old tennis shoes and can't afford to buy new ones.

We are talking about right here in Memphis, Tennessee; this is not some third world country.

If you feel moved to do something to help, you can donate items this coming Friday at The Study located at 5179 Wheelis Drive or you can drop off items at the Boys & Girls Club at the main office, 44 South Rembert in Midtown.

To see a list of the needed items, click here.

I know our tendency will be to blame the parents, but don't let any shortcomings of the parents hurt these children who need to be in class.

Help a student out and you will make this A Better Mid-South.

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