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Baby Jax's family encourages Mid-South to donate blood in his memory

(Photo Source: Family) (Photo Source: Family)
(Photo Source: Family) (Photo Source: Family)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

(WMC) – The story about the Mid-South newborn who was in desperate need of blood donations is still reaching hundreds of people.

Baby Jax McCulley passed away on Friday, August 8, less than one week after he was born.

Jax was born with health problems and already had several blood transfusions. Jax's parents, Chris and Katie, held him in their arms as he passed away, according to a family friend.

Family members were organizing a blood drive at Lifeblood before Baby Jax passed. In an email to WMC Action News 5, Jax's father still wants people to donate.

"I want to say how overwhelmed I have been with the love and support the community had shown to my wife and I through these hard times losing our first child," said Chris McCulley. "I can't thank y'all enough at Channel 5 for getting the news out of the blood drive and we would love to continue to push the blood drive in Jax's name. One pint of blood can save three people's lives."

Since Jax's story first aired on Thursday, August 8, hundreds of people have answered the call and have donated blood, according to Lifeblood.

"We are all heartbroken over baby Jax McCulley," said Jennifer Balink with Lifeblood in a statement. "We are humbled by this family's strength and courage."

You can still donate blood at any LIfeblood location. Click here to find the location closest to you:

If you would like to help the McCulley family with Jax's medical and funeral costs, an online fund has been established here:

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