'Surfer dude' caught on camera breaking into vehicles

'Surfer dude' caught on camera breaking into vehicles
(Photo Source: MPD)
(Photo Source: MPD)

(WMC) - A so-called "surfer dude" was caught on camera creeping around an East Memphis neighborhood.

As he broke into several vehicles, he probably didn't suspect more than one neighbor had surveillance cameras.

Memphis police released video Tuesday that residents hope leads to an arrest. Resident Nolan Hughes had no idea the suspect cased his car on the same night several others on his block were burglarized.

"So, it's always unsettling when you know there's someone creeping around your home in the middle of the night, that you're not aware of, you know?" he said.

Fortunately, home surveillance cameras were rolling.

"Looked like a surfer dude," resident John Williams said. "It appeared that he was just going up to cars that were parked in driveways, and if they were unlocked he'd open them up or go through them ... He did not break any glass."

But he did help shatter the sense of security on the quiet cove near Kirby Parkway and Stout Road, where neighbors believe multiple crooks have been working together in recent weeks.

"I would be very shocked and surprised if he wasn't on some type of drugs," Williams said.

So far, no homes have been hit, but there's a fear that could be next. Surveillance video is seen as a way to, at least, get the suspects behind bars before things advance.

"It's good to be able to go back and see things and be able to possibly get some film that's good enough to turn over to police, and maybe they'll know them," Williams said.

The man in the video was wearing shorts, a sleeveless shirt, and a backpack. Call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH with any information.

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