Grace magazine gives young women a voice

Memphis' Grace Magazine highlights the accomplishments and issues important to women of color. However, publisher Tina Burchett decided that it was time to give young women a voice. So in the Fall 2004 issue, she launched Grace Girl magazine. She hopes it will build camaraderie that it will encourage young women. "Sometimes I think young girls think it's only them. That no one's listening to me. To seek and pursue their passion." The first issue of Grace Girl profiles among others, high school student Meredith Robinson who wants to be a fashion designer. For Meredith, seeing her designs published was affirmation to continue to pursue her goals. "Oh everyone at my school all bee like, can I get a copy. And saying how great the magazine was." For Lauren Anderson, the opportunity to write an article about her trip to the Democratic National Convention got her thinking about a future in politics or maybe journalism. "I was like, Wow, that's my article." Birchett plans to publish Grace Girl as a separate magazine next fall. Grace Girl will be published once yearly. You can find it at local supermarkets, drugstores and at Davis-Kidd Booksellers.