Councilman calls crime meeting after car burglary

Councilman calls crime meeting after car burglary
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

(WMC) - A Memphis City Councilman called a crime meeting Wednesday morning after falling victim himself.

Recent crimes on Mud Island are the focus of the meeting, as well as ways to prevent further incidents from occurring.

Mud Island may be somewhat separated from the city, but it's no stranger to crime. Specifically, a rash of recent break-ins.

Movable Memphis police surveillance cameras watch over parts of Mud Island. But clearly, they cannot prevent all crime.

Memphis City Councilman Lee Harris, who lives on the island, is among the latest victims.

"I mean, my car was broken into two days ago," said Harris. "They opened the door and rifled through the glove compartment and glove box looking for cash, or I don't know what."

Harris says he left his vehicle unlocked, so he didn't have to deal with cleaning up broken glass.

According to recent police stats uncovered by WMC Action News 5, there have been at least five vehicle break-ins reported on Mud Island in the last month alone along with four home burglaries.

An apartment complex under construction also had thousands of dollars in copper stolen, categorized as a theft.

"Residents have been contacting me for the last several weeks about break-ins on Mud Island," added Harris.

Harris held a crime meeting Wednesday to specifically address concerns like closing off public parking lots at night, similar to what's done at Tom Lee Park.

"There hasn't been an explosion of crime down here, fortunately ... the police do a good job, the neighbors do a good job," said Mud Island resident Bill Harris.

Getting ahead of any potential problem may help keep it off the island for good.

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