MPD officers spend time cleaning up blight in the community they serve

MPD officers spend time cleaning up blight in the community they serve
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

(WMC) - A group of Memphis police officers spent Wednesday cleaning up blight in the city.

The officers were along South Third Street and Western Park Drive cleaning the community they swore to serve and protect.

"I can tell you in one word it is disgusting out here on Western Park, but the city of Memphis is on a plight to clean up blight," Colonel James Kirkwood of the Memphis Police Department said.

Filthy mattresses, bags of trash, you name it, you could find it in the ditch along Western Park Drive.

"The community complained about it and the department answered," Kirkwood said.

MPD is collaborating with Solid Waste, city and Shelby County code enforcements, a well as the county health department to tackle blight on roads connected to South Third Street.

Crews called in heavy duty mowers, sling blades, and hoes to chop down tall grass and clear overgrown areas.

"They're going to go all the way up to Weaver Road cleaning. They've been out here all week," Kirkwood said.

Crews first tackled South Third Street and Shelby Drive. Colonel Kirkwood says several homeless people call that area home; some even use it as a gathering spot for drinking.

"Right out front in Third Street, that was a problem. It was an eyesore to the people going up and down the street," Kirkwood said. "These locations are going on an additional patrol where we are cleaning up, and our officers will patrol them during the night hours to try to catch anybody or deter anybody from dumping in the future."

Colonel Kirkwood says it is unfair to Memphis taxpayers who care about their community.

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