Shots fired during latest driveway robbery

Shots fired during latest driveway robbery
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

(WMC) - Police are investigating yet another driveway robbery. This time, shots were fired. The community is asking, what is being done to end the trend?

Neighbors say they need more patrols, if not by police, then their own. It is just one of the suggestions being discussed after the latest attack that happened near Quince Road and Crabapple Lane.

Longtime resident Jim Welch is fed up after his sister was robbed in her own driveway on Wednesday night.

"She was rattled last night, of course," he said. "You know, a gunshot right beside her, who wouldn't be?"

Just home from church, Welch's sister was attacked as she walked from her car to her front door. A man on a "small children size BMX bike" pulled a gun on her, fired a shot, threw her onto the front lawn, stole her purse and phone, then rode away.

"People are being attacked and robbed, burglarized, and something needs to be done," Welch said. "Thank goodness she went to church. Maybe she wouldn't be here today."

Neighbors say there have been more break ins in the area recently. The most recent robbery happened just four-tenths of a mile from where an elderly couple was robbed in their driveway two weeks ago.

Shea Randall lives two doors away from Welch's sister. He says he is thinking about lobbying city hall to somehow limit access to the neighborhood.

"Yeah, my blood pressure is up right now," said Randall. "Crabapple is the street that a lot of these kids and young adults, criminals, are using as an escape route ... It needs to be a dead end. We need to be a horseshoe loop. One way enter, one way leave."

Neighbors hope something changes. 

While the recent driveway robberies appear to be similar in nature, police have yet to connect them.

WMC Action News 5 is tracking the incidents in this map, which will show when and where they occurred. 

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