Burglar breaks through wall; Andy's Restaurant Scorecard

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A Memphis convenience store and deli celebrating its grand opening was burglarized! Now the owners hope surveillance video of a crook breaking through a wall will help solve the case.

It's the fifth driveway robbery in recent weeks in the Mid-South. Nick Kenney brings you the warning signs from this latest incident.

A Mid-South police chief is accused of bullying a reporter. We uncover the Facebook posts that are playing into this investigation.

It's an ice bucket challenge to honor a former Mid-South EMT and veteran who is suffering from ALS. We'll take you to the inspiring event.

Chief Meteorologist Dave Brown is tracking our next chance for rain.

Did you know restaurant inspections happen at bakeries too? Andy Wise takes you to one that would satisfy your sweet tooth on Andy's Restaurant Scorecard.

The Memphis Tigers non-conference schedule has been released. Carrie Anderson breaks it down in Sports.

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