Dead fish surface in community pond

Dead fish surface in community pond
(Photo Source: Justin Homan)
(Photo Source: Justin Homan)

(WMC) – Thousands of dead fished are surfacing in a pond in the center of the Lakeshore Estates mobile home community in Marion, Arkansas.

Working for a clean and safe community is the motto of the park, but a foul odor in the air smells anything but clean.

The sickening stench is wafting from a pond near Lori MacDonalds' home.

"I smell a stink from all the dead fish in the lake," she said.

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission began investigating earlier this week when thousands of dead fish surfaced in the center of the community; it's not the first time.

"Several years ago we had a fish problem, and yeah, it was awful," MacDonalds said.

Awful but, according to experts, not unusual.

Justin Homan is a biologist with Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. He says in the hotter months, oxygen levels in the water can dip very low.

"It's pretty typical for this to occur in the summertime," he said. "You have tremendous swings in the oxygen on a daily basis."

Basically the fish ran out of air. And neighbors, well they're praying for fresh air.

While the game and fish commission is responsible for investigating the cause, it is not charged with the duty of cleaning it up. They say nature will take it's course, and the fish will decompose.

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