BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Best time to buy appliances

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Best time to buy appliances
(Photo Source: NBC News)
(Photo Source: NBC News)

(NBC) – Holiday feasts may still be a few months off, but consumer experts say now is the best time to buy the appliances you'll need to cook those feasts.

For consumers looking to buy a new range, stove, or oven for the kitchen August is your month.

They're available right now, sometimes marked down to half price.

Senior Editor for Consumer Reports Dan DeClerico said, "Manufacturers are looking to bring out their new models later in the Fall just ahead of the busy, holiday cooking season."

DeClerico researched for Consumer Reports about what to look for in a new cooking appliance after you've determined that repairing your existing one will cost about half of a new one.

He says retailers are wanting to move last year's models.

"Ranges, cooktops, wall ovens ... you know, you name the cooking appliance, you're still going to benefit from the latest innovations, you're just going to do so at a much-reduced price," DeClerico said.

Also heavily discounted right now is what's considered the latest technology in cooking appliances, the so-called "induction cooktop."

It's a good thing they're on sale, because they start out very pricey, but DeClerico says they are faster at heating.

"It's sending heat directly into the cooking vessel ... the response time is virtually instant," he said.

Another tip he has about shopping for kitchen appliances, online retailers are just as willing to haggle as those in a store.

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