MPD officers quit, retire faster than they can be hired

MPD officers quit, retire faster than they can be hired
(Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Source: WMC Action News 5)

(WMC) – The number of police officers leaving Memphis Police Department continues to rise.

The department's 2014 attrition statistics are concerning and union members are fed up.

"We got guys leaving here left and right," Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams said. 

According to MPD, 53 commissioned officers resigned in the first eight months of the year. In addition, 49 commissioned officers retired and five reserve officers resigned.

In 2013, 58 commissioned officers resigned, 55 retired, and 12 reserve officers resigned.

Williams says much like Dallas and Austin have in the past, police departments from Houston, Charlotte, and Chattanooga scheduled upcoming recruitment visits to Memphis.

"They're harvesting the officers out of this city, and I remember Councilman Flinn said, 'Hey, let them leave.' Well, guess what? Your wish is coming true. They're leaving," Williams said.

MPD says so far this year,  cops have left for other jobs on the campus police forces at University of Memphis and University of Tennessee. Eight to 10 officers got out of the business altogether to take jobs working for the railroad.

Cops are leaving at a faster pace than they can be hired.

A September academy is less than two-thirds full for a lack of qualified candidates and the graduation rate is only about 50 percent.

The numbers don't stop there. 

MPD has civilian positions, too. Twenty-six have either resigned or retired this year compared to a total of 24 last year.

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