Noura Jackson awaits new murder trial, expected to bond out

Noura Jackson awaits new murder trial, expected to bond out
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5 file)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5 file)

(WMC) - A Mid-South woman, who was convicted five years ago in the second-degree murder of her own mother, could soon be transferred out of a corrections center in Nashville to a jail, where she could bond out.

Noura Jackson is now awaiting a new trial, which was ordered Friday. Even though there is no word on when she will be released from prison, her close friends say the Supreme Court's decision is what they have been hoping for all along.

"She has lost her life up until now," family friend Dr. Dana Fredrick said.

Fredrick says Noura Jackson was like her own daughter, and she never believed Noura was responsible for her mother's murder back in 2005.

"Just no way, no way that she would ever harm her mom, no way," Fredrick said.

Noura Jackson was only a teenager when her mother was found stabbed to death in their home, and Fredrick says she remembers when investigators started pointing the finger at Noura for the crime.

"It was a very sloppy quick investigation, and I don't think it was thorough at all," she said.

Despite the 2009 conviction, Fredrick says Noura has stayed positive and upbeat.

"She's been in college courses, she's been going to church, she's been in the choir, she's had a lot of support from many of us," she said.

And that support is not stopping, there are plans in the works to coordinate fundraisers to raise money for Noura's bond and release from prison.

"We would like to get down to who actually did commit this murder," Fredrick said.

Jackson's attorney says the next step is to attend a hearing. Hopefully that will be when Noura will find out information about a bond amount and a possible release date.

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