Fans shook up over plans for holographic Elvis

Group works to create hologram of Elvis
(Photo Source: YouTube)
(Photo Source: YouTube)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

(WMC) - Elvis Presley has not left the building, that is if a group in Florida manages to create a hologram of him.

Pulse Evolution, based in Port St. Lucie, and The Estate of Elvis Presley have teamed up to bring the King of rock 'n' roll back to life for performances in live shows, commercials, and more.

"The process is one where we take existing videos and photographs and anything that we can get our hands on and we start modeling inside the computer a likeness of Elvis Presley," said Frank Patterson, CEO of Pulse.

Work on the project already has started in Pulse's Tradition office. The format, concept, and venue for the 60 to 90-minute live shows have yet to be determined. But they are excited for the project.

"This is a dream project for me and, of course, for all of us at Pulse. We get to bring back the King of rock 'n' roll in a contemporary way. And to introduce him to new audiences," Patterson said.

The Presley estate, still partially owned by Elvis' family, will decide how the holographic image will look: whether it will resemble a mature Presley with signature sideburns or the youthful or a more hip-thrusting Elvis. They say this technology is something Elvis would have loved.

"Elvis was on the forefront of technology. He was the first person to have a phone in his car, the first person to have a projection TV, he was always on the forefront of technology," said Jamie Salter, CEO of Authentic Brands.

This isn't the first time a famous musician has been brought back to life in a hologram, Michael Jackson performed in the 2014 Billboard Awards.

Fans like the idea of seeing Elvis perform again, even if it's only in hologram form.

"Just to see him performing with other performers. I think that's interesting, I've seen the holograms of other performers in the past," fan Theresa Claphead said.

Elvis will not take the stage until Lisa Marie and Pricilla approve. Patterson says it will take 12 to 18 months before they have the project complete. But fans should be ready for an experience.

"Elvis has not left the building," said Salter.

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