New debate begins over age limits on certain guns

New debate begins over age limits on certain guns
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5 file)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5 file)

(WMC) - A video of a 9-year-old girl who accidentally killed her gun instructor with an Uzi, fully-automatic gun has the country talking about guns and age limits.

Mid-Southerners are now weighing in the video; many of them say the young girl should not have used the fully-automatic gun.

"Her body couldn't control the gun, for one thing, but you can still be older and not control a gun," said Tricia Whitehead. "I'm not sure where a 9-year-old child is going to be using an Uzi."

On social media, some are questioning whether age limits should be imposed on weapons like Uzi's.

"I think age limits are good," Angela Cooper said.

But, Chris Fowler of Top Brass Sports shooting range on Millington's Navy Road sees it differently.

"I think it's up to the parents. I don't think that's something the nation needs to get involved in. That's rhetoric," he suggested.

Fowler did note that an Uzi is too powerful for a child and that Uzi's belong in the military.

"You start them with a .22, which is safe. No recoil, no muzzle blast or anything to upset or scare the child," he added.

Fowler says your hand travels back only a quarter of an inch with a .22 caliber gun. Uzi's shoot more than 1,000 rounds per minute.

Fowler usually inserts five rounds when training a child or someone who is new to guns.

As the debate continues across the country, many have the child in mind.

"She's going to have to deal with that for the rest of her life," said Whitehead.

Fowler also says that instructors should never stand to the side of the people they're teaching; they should always stand behind them.

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