Federal roadblock prevents little girl from getting medical cannibas oil treatment

Federal roadblock prevents little girl from getting medical cannibas oil treatment

(WMC) - A medical miracle is needed to save 2-year-old Chloe Grauer. Her family, desperate for help, has found themselves in a battle for medical cannibas oil, despite a new state law.

WMC Action News 5 first introduced you to Chloe in April. She turns 3 years old in just a few weeks, but has spent most of her life on drugs that make her sleep. When she's awake, she has seizures.

In April, Chloe's parents celebrated a milestone when Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill that would make it legal for their daughter to take an oil derived from marijuana plants.  Cannabidoil or CBD has shown dramatic results in seizure patients. 

But that law isn't helping Shea and Peden Grauer. It is blocked by federal marijuana laws. The Grauers hope U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen can break through the federal roadblock.

"We don't have the luxury of time," Peden said.

They arranged a meeting with their congressman to put a face on the need for something that just might save Chloe's life. 

"There's absolutely no reason in the world why it shouldn't be available to any child that it could potentially help," Peden added.

Cohen gave the Grauer family hope.  He co-sponsored a bill that would legalize CBD.

"And allow it to be used for treating children with epilepsy," said Rep. Steven Cohen, (D) Memphis.

So far, there are only 10 sponsors behind the bill. 

"It shows that there are still a lot of legislators that are still afraid to get behind something that is as simple as taking an herb that can help individuals and children survive," Cohen suggested.

The Grauers hope Cohen can take the fear out of congress by taking Chloe's story to Washington.  

Cohen returns to Washington on September 8, where he will work to gather support for the bill.

The Grauers say the clock is ticking on their daughter's life and they hope politics won't continue to get in the way of something that might save her. 

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