CDC releases new recommendations for flu vaccines

(Photo Source: NBC News)
(Photo Source: NBC News)

(WMC) - Flu season is here and the Centers for Disease Control has recommendations that will change the way some of you get your shots.

The flu isn't just miserable to get; it can be deadly, especially for the elderly and children.

The CDC now recommends children between the ages of 2 and 8 get the nasal spray when it is available.

Experts believe the nasal spray is most effective for this age group because it puts the immune response right their in their nose, right where the virus might come in.

If the spray is not available, doctors say parents shouldn't wait and should get their children a shot.

"The one thing about the flu is that it always surprises us, like its always there but we never know what kind of flu is going to show up," said Dr. Cedric Spak, who is an infectious disease specialist.

Doctors recommend everyone get a flu shot every year.

There are several pharmacies around the Mid-South already stocking the flu shot.

People should also check their insurance, which might cover the cost of the flu shot.

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