Kroger adds extra security after parking lot attack

Kroger adds extra security after parking lot attack
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

(WMC) – Kroger promised security would be beefed up following Saturday's assault on innocent shoppers and employees.

WMC Action News 5 sent a crew to the store at Highland Street and Poplar Avenue to see if the store made any security changes and extra guards were added.

The crew saw at least two guards in the parking lot and was able to find out there was at least one extra guard on duty.

A mob of teens zeroed in on a customer who was repeatedly punched before he managed to escape. The group then targeted two Kroger employees; one was knocked unconscious and the other could barely stand up after he was assaulted.

A shopper who was at the Kroger late Sunday night said he was expecting to see more security in the wake of such violence.

"Not that many cops patrolling. They have cops right at the front like they normally do, but I haven't seen more than I usually see," said Parker Rose. "You'd think there would be way more after that."

Joe Bell, Delta Regional spokesperson for Kroger, says the company's thoughts and prayers are with the two Kroger employees who were injured Saturday night.

Bell released the followed statement via a phone interview:

"We've have asked that security be beefed up security in the shopping center. We have asked just in case and it will involve what hopefully will be off duty police after 5 o'clock. We've turned over everything to the police department and they are heavily involved in this so we're gonna let them do their job."

WMC Action News 5 will continue to ask more questions and will request the 911 tapes of the recorded calls for help.

If you can identify any of the suspects, or have any information concerning this incident, contact the Tillman Station GIB at 636-3214, Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH or visit the Crime Stoppers website:

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