MFD records show alleged Target shooter has history of DV cases

Memphis Police have released the identity of the woman shot in the Target parking lot Monday afternoon.

Police say she is Torhonda Cathey, 33.

Cathey was pronounced dead at the hospital at 5:30 Tuesday morning.

Memphis Police are still searching for the man they believe killed her, her ex-boyfriend Ronald Ellis, who is a Memphis firefighter.

Ellis was due in court in Olive Branch Tuesday morning after an October 8, 2013 arrest on Malicious Mischief over $500, Domestic Violence-Simple Assault, Stalking, and Driving on Expired Tags. Records list the victim in that case is listed Torhonda Cathey.

According to his personnel file with the Memphis Fire Department, Cathey filed a police report against Ellis because he had been following all over the city all day, and then he still followed her to her apartment. Investigators say Ellis cut her off, approached her car on foot, started an argument, kicked the back passenger door, which left a dent and an imprint of of his shoe, all while Cathey's 8-year-old son was in the car too.

Ellis was suspended from work for 240 hours without pay, costing him $4,531.37.

MFD records show Ellis was hired on at the Memphis fire Department on August 11, 2003, and that he had previous contact with police on 11/5/03, 2/21/04, 7/12/04, and 7/6/07 for various domestic incidents involving two other women.

On April 14, 2007, Ellis was arrested for a March 13, 2007 incident in which he shoved a fellow firefighter/paramedic in her upper body with his forearm during an argument over job duties.

For that incident he was suspended 72 hours without pay, costing him $1,182.44.

In a letter to Ellis informing him of his discipline, city officials wrote they were "deeply concerned with the multiple incidents involving women which has resulted in alleged physical contact and in the involvement of MPD. In addition, it now appears that your behavior has extended from you personal life into the workplace."

Nick Kenney is digging through piles of documents and will have more on WMC Action News 5 at 5 and 6.

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