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Neighborhood concerned about large cat roaming the area

(Photo Source: Marjorie McCormik) (Photo Source: Marjorie McCormik)
(Photo Source: Marjorie McCormic) (Photo Source: Marjorie McCormic)

(WMC) - Video sent to the WMC Action News 5 newsroom shows a big cat prowling around Shelby County, near Houston Levee Road and Highway 64.

If you look closely in the tall grass, you'll see the animal. This video was taken by Marjorie McCormick on Sunday, Sept. 7.

McCormick was showing her husband the wooded area on Wednesday where she said she saw the creature, but there appears to be a mystery about just what she saw Sunday afternoon.

Officials at the Memphis Zoo said the video was too grainy to determine the animal.

Meanwhile McCormick is sticking to her story that the animal she and her daughter was a cougar.

"It was just exciting, because apparently you don't see cougars much in Tennessee, other than older women trying to pick up younger men," McCormick said with a laugh.

Several people living in the area are worried about what this animal could do to their pets. Zoo officials say McCormick's sighting is something Tennessee wildlife officers would be best at investigating.

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